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Treehouse BBQ

Owners Mike Leander and Tina Vierus have long enjoyed the craft of great barbecue. Together they have travelled the country in search of some of the best barbecue restaurants. From Carolina to Tennessee, St Louis to Houston and Austin, they have enjoyed and learned from some of the best barbecue gurus this country has to offer.  All of this has culminated into their own vision and a way to bring their love for the cuisine to the people of St Petersburg! 

Perry's Roadside BBQ

Perry is the Legendary Giant of Bar-B-Q with the most renowned sauce South of the Border. He creates the original sauce that has made him a legend is his own right. His famous sauce has attracted common folk as well as celebrities. People have traveled all across the United States and Canada for Perry’s original Roadside Bar-B-Q Sauce.

Perry's Roadside BBQ

Our story starts with two brothers growing up in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

While we took different paths after high school, our love of good food has always served as a constant bond. Frank decided to serve his country through joining the Navy. Carl headed out West to Colorado State University to get his Bachelor’s degree.

After the Navy, Frank’s path took him to be a paramedic/firefighter in the Northern Virginia area.  After college, work took Carl down to Florida.  The restaurant industry does not run in the Miller family but a career path changed that for Carl, always the neighborhood cook, who dove into the restaurant business. Through small chains, franchises, and large brands, all with differing menus, Carl fell in love with the restaurant industry.

Frank soon became the preferred cook in all stations assigned and started feeding his entrepreneurship desire, starting his first business. Carl’s passion for food found a home with barbecue and even more into the method of low and slow smoked food. Carl continues to constantly try out new recipes for the number one food critic, Heidi, his wife.

Over the years, Frank grew his business knowledge running numerous companies and Carl kept on his journey through the food industry. Carl fell in love with the special feeling of creating a dish from start to finish and watching others enjoy.

In the fall of 2020, Carl was finally ready to make the move, bet on himself, and share his smoked creations with the public. Some believe Frank had been waiting for this phone call for more than a few years. Carl and Frank have now combined their talents and passion for food to deliver unique flavor profiles and mouth-watering dishes all through the use of low and slow smoking.

We invite you to savor the result of these lifelong journeys napkins in hand.


The Barbacoa Boyz

The Barbacoa Boyz started out as a competition BBQ team, made up of friends who shared a passion for great food. Now days the “Boyz” extends to a network of official and honorary BBQ lovin’ brothers and sisters. On the payroll or not, if we’re breakin’ brisket, you’re one of the Boyz.

Jay “Smoke” Austin

Born in the barbecue rich state of Kansas, Pit Master Jay's love for smoked meats began at an early age.

"I've always loved barbecue as it’s the one language everyone speaks."

Over the years, Jay has transformed his passion into proficiency. From the early days as Captain of The Barbacoa Boyz Competition BBQ team until now, he carries the torch as the owner and Pitmaster of BBQ operations. What began as friends with a love of BBQ has blossomed into a large scale catering business, serving events of all shapes and sizes.


Boss Ross BBQ


Campbell's Catering & BBQ

Better known as “Slim”, Narja started his culinary career 22 years ago. From Mom & Pop spots to working for the Governor, he has cherished each and every experience that this incredible journey has provided.

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